If you are hatching an escape plan from ‘corporate cubical world’ and looking to enter the flexible, telecommuting working from home workforce, you are in the right place. Here you will find some incredible resources to help you in your quest to work from home and take charge of your life.

FunMoneyBusiness can help you find some exciting new ways to secure an income, while achieving your work-life balance goals.  Or perhaps you just want to change to a more satisfying and enjoyable job, so we can help with job interview answers that will help you win that job!  But working in your own business can be so much more rewarding.

FunMoneyBusiness has ideas to help you take advantage of the opportunities of the internet that could generate multiple streams of income, with minimal ongoing work, to help you achieve your financial goals, and without affecting your day job until you’re ready take control of your own life.  And there are other businesses like Home Staging that you can run from your own home.

Most of us get regular jobs that follow this pattern: we go to work for 8 hours and get paid in exchange for that time.  The catch is that when we’re not working don’t get paid! If we want to earn more money, we need to put in more time.  And how many of us give our employers more of our time for free?

Most of us really know, but won’t admit, that this is not the ideal way to achieve a balanced lifestyle, or to have control over our income, or to have ongoing income to enable us to retire when we’re ready.  Obviously we all need to earn money to live, and our jobs also meet various personal and social needs.  But so often, our jobs fall short of one or all these areas, and the best option is to take back some control of our destiny and start our own part time or full time businesses.

For things to change, we need to make changes!  Such as change employer, improve or change our skills!  Or get out of the paradigm that says we must be in servitude to someone else!

But FunMoneyBusiness offers ideas that you can set it up so you get paid for that initial effort month after month with minimal extra time.  It’s called residual income!  So, if you want a little more, you just repeat the process.  Does that appeal to you?

There a couple of questions that you need to answer before you get started.
1.  What do I want the money for?
2.  How much money do I need?
3.  What would I really like to do?

These questions may seem simple, but it is very important to address them in that order i.e. be certain of the ‘why’ first or else things can easily get out of balance.  Everyone will have different answers, and the answers will probably change over time.

Have you ever wanted some extra money for things like a vacation, or a new car, but haven’t been able to have them without borrowing the money?  What about just having enough money in the bank to enable freedom to choose those things, or to know that you and your family have financial security.

Use the ideas on FunMoneyBusiness and you could generate FunMoney yourself, and enjoy those freedom of choice that can make life fun!

Helping you make your dream of working from home a reality!

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